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Second edition of Hindu festival kicks off



The second edition of the annual Hindu cultural day took place today at the premier club along forest road in Nairobi bringing together over two thousand Hindus from across the country to celebrate ther unity,diversity and national integration. 

Last year the event did not happen due to covid onset but saw the Hindu community donate over hundred million in support of Kenyans who had been affected by covid,This saw the birth of mobile health clinics which supports the vulnerable in the community but enabling them access medical assistance when needed.

The traditions and cultures of the Hindus has become part of Kenyas history especially by adoption of Hindu attires in kenyan weddings and traditional Hindu dances which are part of kenyas high end conferences and events which are performed to entertain international and local guests. 

Speaking during the official opening of the event,chief guest Dr virander Paul,the Indian High commissioner to kenya has called on Kenyans to join Hindus in the celebrations of their 75 years of independence  and the depth and bondness of the friendship between India and Kenya.

Hindus run the most successful generational business in Kenya some of which are in the third and fourth generation.

The two day event showcases everything Hindus,ranging from the wolrds most embraced spiritual and health sport Yoga which has gained prominence in Kenya,Indian foods,traditional games,traditional medicines, traditional attires,traditional music and arts,religious songs and traditional dances.

The event comes to a close on Sunday the 26th with over 25 local government officials expected to attend the evening cultural activities.

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