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Venezuelan ruling party, parliament slam Pelosi’s visit to China’s Taiwan region

CARACAS, Aug. 6 (Xinhua) — Venezuela’s ruling party and parliament recently expressed strong condemnation of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to China’s Taiwan region, saying the visit is a serious provocation.

Carmen Melendez, vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and mayor of Caracas, on Thursday delivered a statement from the party’s national leadership committee to Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela Li Baorong, strongly condemning the visit.

Pelosi’s visit is a serious violation of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the statement said, adding the United States has become the biggest threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

It is unacceptable for the United States to attack and interfere in other countries to further its own interests, it said, noting that the United States will not succeed in changing the trend towards a multipolar world.

Venezuela’s National Assembly (parliament) unanimously passed a resolution to support China on the Taiwan question.

The resolution recognizes Pelosi’s move as a serious provocation, and firmly supports all countermeasures taken by China to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.  ■

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