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Dr. Fed Ogola Governance Expert

by Maximilla Wafula

Governance Expert Dr. Fred Ogola , today led other learned professional, prof. Charles Oloo , Dr. Churchil Saoke , Amorell Juliana and Dr. Baba Zuri of Kenya University Students Organization President and other Stakeholders during the Launch of Nationwide Signature Collection for the proposed constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill , 2022 at the Bomas of Kenya .

This Bill is a culmination of nationwide consultations and deliberations through forums as “Bunge LA Mwanachi “and town hall meetings with professional bodies , private sectors players , Civil Society and the Media . The discussions culminated into proposals for constitutional changes structure into the following thematic areas and spread across .


The proposed changes span across the following key thematic areas , namely accountability, youth and persons living with disability , leadership and integrity , representation of the people , Devolution and Public Finance . Food security , healthcare , education and other fundamental rights , and not for individual enrichment . We have entrusted some people , the public servants to look after these billions for the benefit of you and me feeling of pinch which comes when Kenyans sleeps hungry and not managed to pay school fees .

Operation Linda Ugatuzi believes that together we can form the Government of the people for the people, and not for the wolves , it is common knowledge that those who tried entering the government through the BBI and those who managed to enter the government by blocking BBI both used public resources. Fortunately for both parties they got positions with which to comfort themselves , while we , the common people of Kenya , went home with higher taxes , heavy bills and more and more debt to pay .

This proposed amendment bill will ensure that even the common man and woman comes comes out of election with something to divide rather than leaving divided .

Following the nationwide consultations and deliberations through forums of Bunge LA Mwanachi and town hall meetings with professionals , we therefore proposed the following amendments .

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