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Eastleigh land victim claims his life is in danger

Well known Nairobi Eastleigh businessman George Kabiru alias Mrefu is claiming his life is in danger after receiving death threats from a Somali trader who has thrown him out of his 20 year old premises. He has appealed to the Government to intervene.

By Fred Maingi
Nairobi’s Eastleigh well known businessman George Kabiru alias Mrefu has claimed his life is in danger after receiving death threats from some Somali traders
Mrefu, a well known Nyumba Kumi leader in Eastleigh is now appealing to the Government to intervene and save his business that was supporting many Husslers who have been rendered jobless.
Mrefu has accused the proprietors of Dar es salaam Towers based along Eastleigh
Kiringothi street between 1st Avenue and muratina road of spoiling his 20 years old business that supported many Kenyans.
“I’m now being treated like a foreigner in my own country by people who are foreigners from Somali. They ave used money to entice the local administration including the Police to throw me out of my land. I ave tried all means even reporting to Pangani police station but I ave never received any help”noted Mrefu.
Addressing the media at the premises that almost erupted into a drama after his Somali opponents stormed and interrupted the press briefing, Mrefu vowed never to relent since he is a Kenyan fighting for his right.

The proprietor of the Dar es salaam Towers a Mr Moha with a white cap storms and interferes with a press conference that was being addressed by prominent local businessman George Kabiru alias Mrefu

The victim claimed he has lost property worth Ksh Six million that included two huge containers, water pumps, grinding machines for building materials among other products.
Traders who were selling cosmetics, plastic materials, fruits and pushing carts(mikokoteni) in the vicinity have been rendered jobless.
Flanked by some of his former employees, Mrefu said he has documents to support his claims.
The furious proprietor of the building a Mr Moha defended himself saying he has legal documents to occupy the land
The Somali’s with the support from police officers brutally chased him away from his land which he leased from the Nairobi City council 20 yrs ago.
They looted his belongings and took over his premises.
They threatened to kill anybody who stepped at the facility including the former employees.

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