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Embassy of the Republicof the Sudan

By irene mwende

The Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan Nairobi enumerates the latest developments in the
Sudan, following the Rebellion of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF)after their failed coup d’etat
that they staged on the 15th of April, 2023

After the expiry of a shorter humanitarian truce, a new one for seven days was agreed upon,
starting from the 4th May, 2023. The two sides agreed principally to hold talks in Saudi Arabia on
the humanitarian situation in the country.
The first humanitarian plane landed in Port Sudan on the 30th April, 2023 carrying medicines and
medical supplies from ICRe. Humanitarian assistance from Sultanate of Oman and Kuwait have
been received in Port Sudan.
Consignments of humanitarian
assistance from other sisterly
countries are expected in the coming days
On the other hand, the RSFrebels are continuing their flagrant violations of international law and
law by occupying 11 hospitals in Khartoum State and the Central

Medical Laboratory.
They are still detaining families of the army officers, senior officials, and
university professors, including women and children, and using them as human shields. Using
the rooftops of houses as sites for snipers, establishing illegal checkpoints, harassment of civilians
and looting their properties
have not stopped.
Looting of universities, banks, companies,
factories, and other institutions is going on.
The rebels continued their violations against diplomatic missions. The recent incidents were in
attacking and looting the embassies of the Republic of Korea, India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland,
and Turkey. They also targeted a Turkish plane that was evacuating Turkish citizens.
Life for ordinary citizens in the area cleared from the rebels in Khartoum State is gradually improving

The Sudan Government reiterates that the strongest condemnation of the rebels’ heinous crimes
by the international
is of importance to achieving peace and ending the

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