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KEPSA is Championing Outsourcing Sector in Kenya

KEPSA is Championing Outsourcing Sector in Kenya.
Davis Waithaka, chair of the Digital skills and values subsector of the KEPSA ICT Sector Board said that KEPSA has been actively involved in advocating for
policies and initiatives that promote the growth of the BPO sector in Kenya.
includes engaging with the government to develop an enabling regulatory
framework, incentives, and infrastructure to attract BPO investments,” Waithaka said.
He added that KEPSA recognizes the importance of developing a
skilled workforce for the BPO sector.
“It collaborates with relevant stakeholders,
including educational institutions, training centers, and industry experts, to design
and implement training programs that equip individuals with the necessary skills for
BPO jobs,” he said.
Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) is one of the partners and
implementors of the great Program by the government, the Ajira Digital Program,
where we link young people to digital and digitally-enabled work while providing
He noted that one sector that the Ajira Digital program focuses on is the Business Process Outsourcing
(BPO) industry.
BPO is a crucial industry that provides a range of
services to businesses around the world. These services are key due to their benefits such
as increased flexibility, reduced costs, and enhanced service quality, allowing businesses
to refocus on their core activities, and hence deliver incremental value to their
customers and processes.
These benefits together with the need by businesses to survive
in the constantly changing business dynamics drive the growth of the business process
outsourcing market.

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