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The Eastleigh Business District Association (EBDA) wholeheartedly endorses Noordin Haji as the Director General of the National Intelligence Service (NIS)

By irene mwende

Noordin Haji’s considerable experience in law enforcement and the justice system, complemented by his steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law, render him an exceptionally qualified candidate for this crucial role.

“Throughout his illustrious
career, Noordin Haji has made remarkable contributions, including his exemplary work at the Attorney General’s Office and his previous position as the Deputy Director of the Counter Organised Crime Unit at the NIS. His dedication to excellence and duty has distinguished him in these high-ranking roles.” Said the chairman

As the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Noordin Haji has spearheaded significant reforms within the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).
These reforms include the successful deployment of an electronic filing system, significantly enhancing service delivery, and the establishment of the Prosecution Training Institute (PTI). The PTI, an advanced academy within the ODPP, plays a pivotal role in developing the skills and capabilities of prosecutors in the region.

“Noordin Haji’s progressive review of policies and guidelines in the prosecution sector has disrupted the outdated and corrupt system of the past, earning him adversaries amongst those who benefited from it.” Added the chairman

Noordin Haji’s dedication to working with social justice centres demonstrates his commitment to nurturing a fair society. He has actively collaborated with human rights groups and community-based organisations to advocate human rights, combat extrajudicial killings, champion the rights of women and marginalised groups, and resist injustice. His efforts have helped create a safer and more equitable community where justice is accessible to all.
Noordin Haji’s return to the NIS as the Director General signifies a new chapter in his career. With his extensive experience in law enforcement and the justice system, he is well-prepared to effectively address the national security challenges facing our nation.
His strong academic background, including an LLB and LLM Degrees from the University of Wales in Cardiff, a Master’s Degree in National Security Policy with Merit (MNSPO) from the Australian National University, and a post-graduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law, further reinforces his impeccable credentials for the position.

“As the DPP, Noordin Haji has played a pivotal role in overseeing high-profile corruption investigations and prosecutions in Kenya. ” Said the chairman

His unyielding efforts to combat corruption and his commitment to enhancing inter-agency collaboration and coordination in the fight against crime have earned him respect from his colleagues, the broader community and beyond.

His understanding of the importance of a stable political environment led him to play a critical role in initiating bipartisan talks between the main players in last year’s presidential election, saving the country billions of shillings that would have been lost if protests had continued

“We believe these qualities are amongst those considered by the President in nominating him as the new chief of the NIS.” Added the chairman

The EBDA firmly believes that Noordin Haji, with his extensive qualifications and experience, is the best-suited public official to be nominated as the Director General of NIS.
His nomination signifies a positive advancement in fortifying Kenya’s justice system and lays the groundwork for a more secure and prosperous future for all.
We unreservedly support his appointment and have utmost confidence in his ability to lead the NIS effectively, ensure the security of our nation, and steadfastly uphold the rule of law.

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