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Baraza Media Lab to revolutionize story telling

Baraza Media Lab, a leading hub for Kenya’s media practitioners, is set to revolutionize the art of storytelling with its highly anticipated two-day live production, Story Sosa. This groundbreaking program, created in collaboration with Catapult Agency and Gemini Pictures, promises to captivate audiences with an immersive and innovative blend of live performances, multimedia elements, and immersive experiences.

Story Sosa represents an audacious response to the challenges facing Kenya’s journalism ecosystem, including political pressures, declining revenues, and the rapid evolution of digital and social landscapes. Baraza Media Lab aims to redefine the creative boundaries of storytelling through this extraordinary project. Christine Mungai, Lead Curator at Baraza Media Lab, explains, “Story Sosa is not just a solution to these complex issues but a bold endeavour to experiment with new business models and formats within the media industry.”

Over the course of each evening, Story Sosa will showcase six meticulously curated stories akin to traditional magazine features. However, these narratives will come to life through a dynamic fusion of live performances, mesmerizing videos, captivating animations, and enchanting music. Director Mugambi Nthiga, renowned for his work in the theatre, film, and television industry, expresses his excitement, stating, “Story Sosa represents a thrilling indulgence in storytelling. Each story covers a vast range of subjects, brought to life through captivating animation and video. Our aim is to create a mesmerizing experience that will thrill and engage the audience, both live and through digital platforms.”

The inaugural edition of Story Sosa will take place on July 22nd and 23rd, 2023, at the prestigious Louis Leakey Auditorium within the Nairobi National Museum. This iconic venue, known for its celebration of Art and culture, serves as the perfect backdrop for this unprecedented storytelling extravaganza. Tickets for Story Sosa are available for purchase exclusively on, offering a variety of options for individuals and groups, including enticing early bird and advance offers.

Angeline Musira, the producer of Story Sosa and the founder of Gemini Pictures, invites audiences to embark on an unforgettable journey of imagination and discovery, stating, “Story Sosa is tailor-made for those with a deep appreciation for theatre, T.E.D. Talks enthusiasts and fans of captivating YouTube explainers. This unique offering promises to captivate and engage audiences, delivering intriguing narratives that entertain and enlighten them. Prepare to have your perspectives transformed as even the most ordinary things, like monkeys or samosas, take on a whole new significance in this awe-inspiring audio-visual feast.”

In a groundbreaking move to support storytellers, Story Sosa ensures fair compensation by providing upfront payment for their work. Additionally, the storytellers will grant a two-year license to Shahara, a renowned video-on-demand platform, allowing their stories to be monetized. This experimental approach in media business models enables storytellers to earn royalties from the generated revenue. Barrack Bukusi, Founder of Catapult Agency, emphasizes the project’s commitment to empowering storytellers and content creators within the industry.

Don’t miss this extraordinary fusion of storytelling, technology, and live performances. We call on the Public to secure tickets to Story Sosa now and be prepared to begin a journey that will transform their understanding of the world we inhabit.

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