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COMESA Federation of Women in Business (COMFWB) Launches BIAWE 2 Project Empowering African Women Entrepreneurs

The COMESA Federation of Women in Business (COMFWB) Secretariat, with
the financial support of the AUDA-NEPAD/Spanish Fund launched Business
Incubators for African Women Entrepreneurs (BIAWE 2) pilot project in Kenya.

Speaking during the launch, Hon. Moses Kuria, HSC, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Investments, Trade, and
Industry, delivered the keynote speech which highlighted the importance of empowering women
entrepreneurs and their contribution to the economy.

“The forty women enterprises who
benefitted from BIAWE Project Phase will continue to thrive and mature into sustainable and large
enterprises for they will in turn contribute to creating jobs and wealth, as well as contribute to local, regional,
and global development agendas,” stated Hon. Moses Kuria.

He added that they will in turn contribute to creating jobs and wealth, as well as contribute to local, regional and global development agenda such as, Bottom Up
Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), Kenya Vision 2030, African
Union Agenda 2063 and United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

“Having said that ladies and gentlemen, it is important to reaffirm that the
Government of Kenya is committed towards mainstreaming of women in
economic activities, including in the manufacturing sector,”concluded Hon Moses Kuria.

Also speaking at the event Principal Secretary for the State Department of Industry Dr. Juma Mukhwana expressed great pleasure in addressing the gathering and celebrating the
achievements of the BIAWE project.

“It gives me great pleasure to address this gathering, as we come together to celebrate a great milestone, the Business Incubator for African Women Entrepreneurs (BIAWE) project, which was successfully implemented by KIRDI, and also launch the second phase of the
project,” said Dr Juma.

He also emphasized the institution’s commitment to remain a key player in the advancement of the manufacturing sector in Kenya.

In her speech, Secretary General of COMESA, Ms Chileshe Mpundu Kapwepwe addressed the challenges faced by women
entrepreneurs, including the lack of business planning, marketing, and management skills, as well as limited
access to business development and financial services due to cultural biases.

She concluded by stressing the need to bridge these gaps and create an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs to thrive.

The BIAWE 2 project will provide women entrepreneurs with business incubation services, mentorship, training, access to markets, and financial support.

By addressing these challenges, the project aims to unlock the potential of women-owned enterprises and contribute to economic growth, job creation, and the
achievement of national and regional development goals.

The launch of BIAWE 2 marks a significant step towards empowering African women entrepreneurs and fostering inclusive economic development.

COMFWB, in collaboration with its partners, is committed to
supporting women-owned enterprises, promoting gender equality, and driving sustainable change across the
African continent.

The BIAWE 2 project builds upon the success of its predecessor, BIAWE 1, and aims to empower women entrepreneurs in Africa by providing them with the necessary support and resources for
business incubation.

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