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Architects Alliance to appeal to Governor of Nairobi to urgently resolve and clear the growing backlog of pending approvals

The Architects Alliance on Thursday to appealed to the Governor of Nairobi to urgently resolve and clear the growing backlog of pending approvals.

The Architects Alliance which comprises of Property Developers, Investors, Contractors, Laborers, Material Suppliers and all Built Environment Professionals urged the country government to expedite immediate payment confirmation and ameliorate the automated receiving of funds and consequent issuance of receipts.

The lobby also called for accelerated pending receipting of payments already made, some being over 8 (eight) weeks in abeyance.

Architects Alliance also called for the Nairobi county government to Institute a transparent follow-up system on payments and approvals by proactively contacting submitting Architects to communicate status of their submissions in the event of any hitches.

The Nairobi County Government has a digital system for processing development plans, known as the Nairobi Planning and Development Management System (NPDMS).

According to the architects, the NPDMS was instituted to make it easier for stakeholders to have development plans submitted and approved transparently and more efficiently.

“Unfortunately, the system has in recent months been experiencing substantive and unexplainable challenges. These delays in the processing of development approvals has led to massive loss of revenue, jobs and investment opportunities, effectively making doing business in the county a nightmare. Inevitably, the delays have also impacted negatively on the delivery of the government- led Affordable Housing Program,” they said.

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