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Dettol promotes handwashing

Teaching children on how to wash their hands. Germs are everywhere so we can’t see them with our naked eyes. Germs are collected from almost everywhere. Wash your hands from a running source of water using Dettol hand wash or Dettol soap. Rub the hand to create a foam. Rub the back of your hands. Run in between your fingers. Rub your wrist. Finally rinse with clean running water.
There were various speeches by Head of Shofco, Head Teacher of Kibra Primary School and a representative from Dettol.
Keeping hands clean prevents a number of infections. Shofco has done a collaboration with Nairobi County amounting to up to 250 million shillings. In the next five years, we plan to ensure all schools within Kibra and Mathare have improved sanitation. This particular hand washing campaign is targeting schools in Mathare and kibra

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