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Kenya High posts improved results for KCSE 2023

by Mersia Aloo and Ronald Njoroge

Kenya High posted improved results for KCSE 2023 as compared to the previous year. The girls school recorded a mean score of 9.956 for 2023 in the results that were released by Ezekiel Machogu, the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Education, while the in 2022, it recorded 9.954.

Kenya High also recorded the best mean score by a girls school.

Virginia Wahome, the Chief Principal said that the school had 36 candidates scoring a mean grade of A plain, 118 with A- and another 106 scored B+.

“The excellent results is due the sacrifice and hard work of both students and teachers,” Wahome added.

She noted that producing good results is not automatic. “The children may be bright but they need to be guided so that they can perform well in exams,” Wahome revealed.

Student population of the public school is about 1700 and it is expected to admit about 600 form one students in 2024.

Wahome observed that Kenya High is geared towards developing   wholesome student and is a force to reckon with   in sports, music and   drama because it competes up to the  national level.

“Our debate club went to   South Africa last year and performed well and they have   now have been invited to go to Harvard,” she said.

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