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E-commerce platform set up African B2B Market place

Mr. Franck Obambi-Ngatse, President Zanduax, at a press conference in Olesereni hotel Nairobi today.

By Benard Mulwa

Captains of industry in digital market place across Africa will now be able to conform to Culture, collaboration and commerce converges seamlessly within the African business ecosystem.

This comes as Zanduax set up a Premier B2B digital market place for Africa, redefining the way business connect and thrive. Mr. Franck Obambi-Ngatse, President Zanduax who is an indigenous from Congo said, “Zanduax” is a word used in northern parts of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) connoting a market place.

In a statement to the press during the launch of Zanduax, One Africa one market, Mr. Franck Obambi-Ngatse said this will bridge the gap between the manufacturers, importers, suppliers and famers, increasing the number of stake holders in to the platform.

Business acumen in this platform is able to register as a merchant, list their items, sell, fulfill their orders and get paid instantly.

The Association of Kenya Suppliers CEO Ismail Bett said this plat form will mitigate challenges of unfair business practices and late payments and in addition ensure safe and secure online payments, “this will enhance security in terms of delivery of goods, trust verses payments” adding that, there are challenges of adoption of the platform within the African setup especially when applying money. However, there is an uptake in the young generation who quick to interact and engage with.   

Regulatory issues by the government is a realization that is shaping the ecommerce which is critical in linkage to the global market. Currently the government is reviewing key communication Act and implementing policies to increase trust by the consumers, according to the Director Postal and telecommunication Authority Kenya (CAK) Matano Ndaro, said, this is rife with modern cutting edge solutions in payment systems administered by Banks, “this will increase trust, breaking the barriers, enhance collaboration and inclusivity from Large and medium sized business” he said adding that most consumers luck the skills when it comes to ecommerce, which is not fully realized.

Mr. Franck Obambi-Ngatse, President Zanduax observed that the first stages of evolution of mankind, which is believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth, the only way mitigate poverty was to create wealth by doing business and African continent of poor because it does not do business to Africa.    

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