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Relieve to the nine private security companies

By Irene Mwende

The nine private security companies that their licenses were terminated by the private security Regulatory Authority ( PSR) Director General Fazul Mohamed can now freely carry on with their services.

Addressing the media on behalf of the Umbrella association of private security Secretary General PROSAK Delano Kiilu noted they had promised an update on the taking rogue by the horns using the PSRA Act of 2016.

“The drafters of the Act envisaged a dispute between the Regulator and it’s subjects . section 43,5 of the Act wher the practioner is aggrieved by a discussion of the Regulator can appeal to the Cabinet Secretary,” said Kiilu

Secretary General PROSAK Delano Kiilu further mentioned the Act provides the moment the appeal is lodged with the Cabinet Secretary .

“The Authority including it’s secretariat will stand stopped, prohibited and barred from dealing with that matter until the CS determines the dispute ” he added

He further highlighted the Act further requires the CS to appoint a three man Ad-hoc team to advise him on the dispute and determine it within 30 days.

“We have since formally filed an appeal with the CS and advised the PSRA it now stopped, prohibited and barred from the matter till the CS determines hi discretion within 30 days,” said Kiilu.

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