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CoP-Kenya Commemorates the 2024 international day for the prevention of Violent extremism

by Wendy Keziah

Champions of Peace Kenya in a consortium and in partnership with the National Counter Terrorism centre is currently implementing a national prevention and countering violent extremism programme in 25 counties in Kenya. Nairobi amongst the regions.

Promoting peace and observing the International Day of preventing violent extremism uniting against extremism to foster global security and tolerance as the world today commemorates the International day of preventing violent Extremism as and When Conducive to terrorism on the 9th of December , the global community reaffirms it’s commitment to combating radicalization and fostering peace.
This annual observance serves as a reminder of the imperative to address the root causes of terrorism and promote dialogue, understanding, and tolerance across borders. Understanding the Significance violent extremism continues to pose a significant threat to global security and stability, with its manifestations varying across regions and communities,whether driven by ideological, political, or socioeconomic factors, and the consequences of extremism reverberate far beyond the individuals directly involved, impacting entire societies and undermining fundamental rights and freedoms.

Global Initiatives and Collaborative efforts in response to the multifaceted challenges posed by violent extremism, international organizations, governments, and civil society entities have mobilized efforts to prevent radicalization and promote resilience. Initiatives such as community engagement programs, educational initiatives, and interfaith dialogue have emerged as crucial components of comprehensive strategies to counter extremism.
Addressing Root causes and building resilience a fundamental aspect of preventing violent extremism lies in addressing its underlying causes. Socioeconomic disparities, political grievances, marginalization, and lack of opportunities can fuel feelings of disenchantment and vulnerability, making individuals susceptible to radical ideologies. By tackling these root causes and promoting inclusive societies, communities can build resilience against extremist narratives. Harnessing technology for positive change the rise of digital platforms has transformed the landscape of radicalization, providing avenues for the dissemination of extremist propaganda and recruitment tactics.
In their statement ,technology also presents opportunities for counter-narratives, online monitoring, and community engagement efforts aimed at preventing radicalization and promoting digital literacy. The role of civil society and community engagement at the heart of preventing violent extremism lies the involvement of local communities, religious leaders, educators, and civil society organizations. By fostering trust, promoting dialogue, and addressing grievances at the grassroots level, communities can effectively challenge extremist narratives and empower individuals to resist radicalization.

In addition, to Ensure accountability and Promoting Rehabilitation in addition to preventive measures, they stated that it’s essential to ensure accountability and provide support for victims of extremism while offering pathways for rehabilitation and reintegration for those who have been radicalized. Rehabilitation programs that address psychological, social, and ideological dimensions are crucial in facilitating the reintegration of individuals into society.
“Looking ahead Sustaining Momentum for Peace as we observe the International Day of Preventing Violent Extremism, it is imperative to recognize that the fight against extremism is an ongoing endeavor that requires sustained commitment, cooperation, and innovation. By fostering a culture of peace, inclusivity, and dialogue, we can collectively build a world where tolerance triumphs over division and where the ideals of peace and security prevail.In commemorating this day, let us reaffirm our shared resolve to prevent violent extremism in all its forms and work towards a future where every individual can live free from fear and oppression”.read the statement.

Cop-K is a non governmental organization with bias to grass root programming , the vision of the organization is to ensure stable, peaceful and secure communities. It also works with communities, families , government, corporate entities and non state Actors in preventing and countering violent extremism as well peace building efforts in ensuring the country remains stable, peaceful and secure.

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