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Naivas Supermarket, the leading FoodStore in Kenya has unveiled its 3rd annual seasonal campaign dubbed : NAIVAS KIKAPU KIBONGE SUPAA SAFARI” in a colourful ceremony in Nairobi.

Amid tough economic times, Naivas Supermarket now with 103 outlets across the country, has embarked to intensify its commitment to providing accessible and affordable shopping solutions for every Kenyan household.

Peter Mukuha, Naivas Chief Operations explained the importance of collaboration between Naivas and its suppliers.

“In ensuring our customers get exceptional value across all the categories, ranging from fresh produce, daily groceries, household items, electronics and much more during the campaign. The period us a journey punctuated by many festivities and we shall be there at each of these stages ensuring each of our customers walks out with a ‘KIKAPU KIBONGE’. said Peter Mukuha, Chief Of Operations at Naivas.

Building in the success of previous years, Naivas Supermarket pledges to further enhance customer experience by offering even larger shopping baskets. This initiative aims to assist shoppers in navigating the challenging times with a greater ease.

“Our NAIVAS KIKAPU KIBONGE SUPAA SAFARI campaign reflects our dedication to serving as the dependable big brother for the Kenyan consumer” remarked Peter Mukuha.

He said that by working together, their customers are assured to receive unparalleled benefits throughout the campaign. With 103 outlets nationwide, Naivas remains committed to providing accessible and affordable shopping solutions for every household.

As the campaign unfolds, Naivas, Kenya’s popular retailer invites customers to experience the journey of “big shopping Naivas Kilocol way”.

” Last year, we promised Kenyans that we are going to super-size their baskets and we lived upto that promise and this year we are telling customers we are giving them bigger baskets to help them navigate this season of their lives with even more ease”, emphasized Peter Mukuha Naivas Chief Of Operations.

” It’s moments like these that define our character and with the odds stuck with the Kenyan people, we understand that ‘undugu ni kufaana si kufanana’ and we are going to be the big brother looking out for them. For this reason, we are launching our seasonal campaign: NAIVAS KIKAPU KIBONGE SUPAA SAFARI telling Kenyans to ‘shika njia ya shopping’ the Naivas kilocol way” added Peter Mukuha.

Even as Naivas proudly announced the launch of its 3rd edition if their seasonal campaign designed to resonate authentically with Kenyan values while offering unforgettable experiences, the campaign aims to surpass customer expectations.

” Amidst challenging economic times, with inflation burdening Kenyan households, and global chain disruptions escalating costs, Naivas recognizes the pressing need to support its customers, ” remarked Mr Rodney Wood, Chief Commercial Officer.

“As a home grown brand dedicated to improving lives, we’re determined to exceed expectations and alleviate the strain on our customers” Mr Rodney emphasized.

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