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Empowering Men to Combat Teenage Pregnancies: Insights from Nairobi County Men’s Forum

By Maximilla Wafula

Nairobi, March 21, 2024 – In the heart of Nairobi County, amidst the radiant glow of the sun, a transformative event unfolded—the Men’s Forum on Teenage Pregnancy Prevention. Organized by FAWE Kenya under the Imarisha Msichana program in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, this gathering aimed to enlighten men about their pivotal role in curbing teenage pregnancies.

The venue pulsated with enthusiasm as representatives from the esteemed Kenya riders and owners Boda Boda Association (KROBBA), led by the esteemed Super Chairman Mr. Elly Kegode, converged with young men and boys from Kibra and Langata constituencies. Their collective agenda resonated with a clear mission, to shift the narrative from blame to empowerment, transforming men into proactive agents of change.

Mr. Justus Makhulo, the County Coordinator for FAWE Kenya in Nairobi, praised the Men’s Forum on Teenage Pregnancy Prevention as a significant step towards empowering men. He emphasized the forum’s role in sensitizing men about their crucial role in curbing teenage pregnancies and commended the collaborative efforts of FAWE Kenya, the Imarisha Msichana program, and the Mastercard Foundation in organizing such an impactful event.

Mr. Makhulo highlighted the importance of male engagement and active participation in teenage pregnancy prevention programs, noting that men have a responsibility to shift the narrative from blame to empowerment. He expressed optimism about the forum’s outcomes, stating that it had inspired men to become proactive agents of change in their communities and contribute to a brighter future for young people.this gathering aimed to enlighten men about their pivotal role in curbing teenage pregnancies.

Discussions at the forum traversed various strategies, accentuating the significance of abstinence and safe sex practices. Seasoned speakers shared poignant experiences, illuminating the profound impact of early parenthood on young girls and the wider community. Real-life narratives echoed deeply, highlighting the urgency of addressing this pressing issue.

As the forum progressed, a palpable sense of responsibility and commitment enveloped the atmosphere. Men acknowledged their crucial role in reshaping societal norms and pledged active support for teenage pregnancy prevention programs. They discerned the pivotal role of education, access to contraceptives, and fostering healthy relationships in this collective endeavor.

Interactive sessions fostered open dialogue, empowering participants to pose questions, seek clarification, and innovate solutions collaboratively. The forum emphasized the imperative of collaborative action between government agencies, NGOs, and community leaders for sustained progress.

The forum’s conclusion resonated with hope and determination, as men departed energized and motivated to spearhead change in their communities. They embraced their roles as mentors, educators, and advocates for adolescent sexual and reproductive health, heralding a brighter future devoid of the burdens of teenage pregnancies.

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