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Devolution Committee Addresses Pension Fund Issues for County Employees

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NAIROBI – In a significant move to address the challenges facing county governments, the Devolution Committee convened today at a Nairobi hotel to discuss the pension funds and benefits for county employees. The meeting, led by Richard Onyonka, highlighted several pressing concerns, including the lack of gratuity for members of county assemblies and the unresolved pension issues from the former county councils.

“We are beginning to interrogate the issues and challenges that the county governments are facing,” Onyonka stated. “Today’s matter focused on the pension funds and benefits of county employees, including other funds like gratuities. Currently, members of the county assembly, whether they have served for one, two, or three years, do not receive any gratuity or payment. This is in stark contrast to members of the National Assembly, senators, and even the President and Vice President, who receive their pensions and gratuities.”

Onyonka emphasized the need for fairness in the distribution of these benefits. “There has to be fairness, and that is one of the issues we came to discuss,” he said. He further elaborated on the situation following the dissolution of the county councils after the 2010 Constitution came into effect. “Many of the county assemblies have had their pensions either not paid or not remitted to the managing funds. We are interrogating this to ensure we can ring-fence these funds and protect them, as they are owned by county governments.”

The committee is considering several measures to address these issues, including potential legislation, engagement, discussions, or even legal action to ensure that county employees are not left destitute and disregarded. “We want to make sure that all these people, who are Kenyans, do not become destitute,” Onyonka stressed.

Although the Council of Governors was unable to attend due to other commitments, and the Comptroller of Budget sent apologies, the committee remains committed to continuing these discussions. “I believe the team which was here will meet again to discuss and find solutions,” Onyonka concluded.

This meeting marks a critical step towards ensuring that county employees receive the benefits they deserve, aiming to create a fairer system for all government workers across Kenya.

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