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Business Reform to reduce Kenya’s Rampant Corruption says TI

by Bruno Aero

The Transparent International (TI), Mr. George Kiondo, Finance officer (TI) has emphasized the importance of early planning and foundational growth in the fight against corruption in Kenya.

Speaking at Business Integrity conference, Mr. Kiondo stated that instilling ethical practices and business preparedness from a young age is crucial to curbing corruption.

“Doing things from an early age and focusing on foundational growth is the only way to stop corruption,” said Mr. Kiondo. 

He stressed the necessity of sensitizing businesses to ethical practices and integrity in their operations.

The ODPP has outlined several approaches to tackle corruption effectively.

Automation of Systems- Implementing automated systems to enhance transparency within government operations and the tendering process.

Punitive Laws- Enforcing stricter laws to ensure that those found guilty of corruption face severe penalties.

Transparency Initiatives-Increasing transparency in all governmental processes to prevent corruption from taking root.

Mr. Kiondo,IT  also highlighted the need to ensure that suspects in corruption cases are duly punished and that there is a robust implementation of laws.

 “There are many cases that are dropped, and there is a need to punish suspects and implement laws effectively,” he added. 

He referred to notable cases such as the Kimwarer and Arror dams scandals, where suspects have continued to operate despite serious allegations.

The TI is committed to working with various stakeholders to ensure a corruption-free Kenya by fostering a culture of integrity and accountability from a young age.

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