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Hybrid Round Table discussions between Kenya and Azerbaijan journalist and Civil Society and the New Caledonia party leader’s Facilitated by the BAKU INITIATIVE GROUP and ABO’S Africa

As well known, as its capacity of chair of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in 2019-2023, Azerbaijan has upheld the movement’s fundamental principles such as decolonization including the recognition of national movements striving for independence. Created within the framework of NAM, Baku İnitiative Group (BIG) supports the fair struggles of colonized regions based on international norms and principles. Our organization’s comprehensive and successful activity consistently raised and continues to raise awareness of global community about current situation in colonized regions through international platforms in respective organizations, such as UN entities including Human Rights Council as well as NAM Parliamentary Network, where BIG is represented.
Our organization held several international events, where discussed political, economic and cultural consequences of the colonialism and violations of human rights in New-Caledonia and other colonized regions.
The French government’s recent violation of fundamental human rights in New Caledonia is yet another proof that there is no political will of France Government to implement UN General Assembly resolutions on decolonization of overseas. Since 1986, New Caledonia has been listed as a non-self-governing territory by the United Nations Committee on Decolonization. The right to self-determination is fundamental, and we support those who seek a better and decent future for their own people, the BIG will continue to support Kanak peoples’ fair struggle on their independency.
We express our full solidarity with the people of Kanaky and support their fair struggle against the expansion of the electorate as well as demand the cancel of the proposed amendments from the French authority.
Supporting Kanaky until its independence is an obligation under international law and supporting documents of international organizations, particularly UN Resolution 1514, concerning the right of peoples to self-determination. Therefore, all current demonstrations of the People of Kanaky and supporters of independence are legitimate.
We call on France to stop its neo-colonial policy and insure the people of Kanaky freedom to determine its own destiny!
We call on all representatives of independence and nationalist movements, representatives all related inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations to continue presenting the real situation in colonized regions to global community and we call on all KANAKS to inform international community on incidents and violations of KANAKS rights.

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