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Outbreak of HIV prevalence among youths under 18years

Report shows that youths are the most affected in Kenya.

Out of 35,000 HIV infected patients only 8,000 are under treatment according to the National Aids Control council.

Grace Masha ,CEO National Aids Control say mostly affected are youths under the age of 18years old who are school dropout and unemployed youths.

“High use of drugs like marijuana and heroine,peer group influence plays a biggest part ” she say

However she say they are working with all stakeholders to increase the number under the treatment.

The survey done shows HIV infections prevalence among our prisons is on the increase.

“We want to build centres of testing and treatments at our prisons including Shimo la Tewa,Industrial area and at the GK prison,” said Fayzal Sollimoni ,Head Health and Social Development UNODC,Regional Office.

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