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Kenya to partner with Uganda to combat trade counterfeit goods

Kenya and Uganda have agreed to partner in order to combat trade in counterfeit goods.

Dr Robi Mbugua King’a CEO of Kenya’s Anti Counterfeit Authority said that criminal syndicates have taken advantage of porous borders to smuggle counterfeit products throughout the east African region.

Mbugua said that any counterfeit goods that passes through Kenyan territory to neighboring countries such as Uganda and South Sudan will be intercepted and perpetrators brought to book.

“We are engaging other government agencies to ensure that counterfeit goods crossing the border stopped is confiscated,” he added.

Dr John Akoten, director of research at Anti-Counterfeit Agency said that the level of counterfeit and illicit trade in Kenya is approximately 800 billion shillings.

He noted that the trade is increasing rapidly due to consumer demand for counterfeit products.

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