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By Eric Ogott

Naivas supermarket today  launched  their annual seasonal campaign. The campaign promises to  be authentically Kenyan while delivering memorable experiences through thematic campaigns while exceeding customer’s expectations.

This inaugural campaign comes  barely a week after  Kenyans took to the street to protest over the High cost of living.

Therefore, Kenyans are already feeling the heat and inflation is only getting worse due to high importation cost and supply chain disruptions.

“It is moments like this that define our character and with the odds stuck against the Kenyan people, as a homegrown retailer and supermarket of choice for Kenyan people ,we have  to set up and truly live to our promise,saves you money.

We understands that the baskets are shrinking every single day,but this should not be the case at our stores and for this this reason we have launched our seasonal campaign dubbed “Naivas Kikapu Kibonge” with the tagline being ” Kiextra offers,Kibbigie discounts and Kibunda Choices,” Said Willy Kimani,Naivas Chief Commercial Officer.

“As a brand that understands customer’s  needs,this is our small bidding in  making the long holiday  a little more bearable,affordable and memorable.

The campaign promises  9 weeks of the very best everyday price and exceptional sales promotion covering
Ramadhan,Easter,Eid ul Fitr, Labour Day, Back to School  and Mother’s Day.

Therefore, what we are saying is,this   holiday period does not have to be grim ,we have got you covered, no need to downsize or downtrade  your shopping because  at Naivas Kikapu ni Kibonge.

This has been  made possible through support from our partners, who have seen to it that our customers enjoy great value across all categories ranging from fresh produce,daily groceries and household, ” Concluded Mr. Kimani.

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