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Youth Kingpin Calls For inclusivity

A youth Kingpin from Mount Kenya Region has shared with us his thoughts in the sidelines of the bipartisan talks currently on the floor of the House.

Honorable Perminus Njogu aka Ndovu, a highly respected eloquent an forthright leader, has implored upon both parties to see to it that they factor in the voice of the common mwananchi.

“Let’s remember that it’s this Wanjiku who voted in the government. The government within and without. Therefore it’s imperative that her voice is heard and factored into the talks. What Wanjiku wants to hear is for the price of unga to be reduced and not the sideshows and shenanigans.” Hon Ndovu noted

Hon Perminus is a household name and had vied in Kikuyu Constituency. He stands for value based leadership, equality and respect for the rule of law

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