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Hon Wamuratha Embraces Green Energy

Kiambu Woman Representative The Honorable Ann Wa Muratha embraces green energy and concurs that it’s the best way to salvage mother nature from vagaries of climate change.

“Renewable energy is the way to go…

Today I joined HomeBiogas as we celebrated one year in Kenya transforming lives in over 1, 500 (One thousand five hundred) in Kiambu and Murang’a.

The event today at Ting’ang’a Kiambu constituency was graced by the Ambassador of Israel H.E Michael Lotem, the Co-founder Yair Teller and Kiambu CeC for environment Hon David Kuria.

I challenged the Environmental CeC Hon David Kuria to team Up with the Office of the Women Representative to encourage our people to use biogas in their homes.

This will save our forests as well as other energies including Electricity and Fossil Energy.”

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