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Non State land actors oppose transfer of valuation functions from NLC

Kenya’s Non State land actors on Wednesday  opposed the transfer of valuation functions from the National Land Commission (NLC) to the Ministry of Lands.

The civil society noted that when land governance processes were presided over by the then Ministry of Lands, they  were riddled by rampant land grabbing, severe land insecurity, poor accountability, inequalities in land allocation, rampant corruption, landlessness and poor land use planning.

“Compulsory land acquisition procedures domiciled in the Ministry of Lands during that time were either abused or not adhered to leading to irregular acquisitions, delayed or denied compensation and numerous lengthy court cases,” the civil society said.

According to the land sector non state actor, the consistent attack of the National Land Commission as an independent commission is an affront to the Constitution and seek to delegitimize the role of the National Land Commission and its independence for short term selfish gains.

The press briefing by the land sector non state actors follows remarks made by President William Ruto on 21st of May, 2023 at a public prayer rally in Isiolo County regarding the role of National Land Commission (NLC) for Compulsory Acquisition of Land for mega infrastructural development projects. In his statement, the President is quoted indicating that it his intention and that of his government to have the role of valuation reverted back to the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning.

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