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The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) organized the training in partnership with Kenyatta University, which opened the third Nairobi Summer School of Climate Justice (NSSCJ) cohort in Nairobi Kenya.

Addressing participants, Dr. Mithika Mwenda, the Executive Director of PACJA commended the youth for active participation in the two-week-long learning and called them for the next challenge of advocating for Climate Justice. With the knowledge and skills, you’ve gained from this program, you can become the driving force behind Africa’s climate justice agenda. You now understand that climate change is not simply an environmental issue but also a social, economic, and political one, Dr. Mithika Encourage Cohort Three Alumni. Dr. Mithika said youth are active and a strength of the continent hence their role is key in  advancing Climate Justice Advocacy.

As Africa’s youth, you are the future and the present. You are today’s leaders, shaping the  destiny of your continent and the planet. You are the champions of climate justice, inspiring  hope and change in your generation and beyond. So don’t stop now. This is only the beginning,”
Dr. Mithika challenged.

The Nairobi Summer School has been happening in partnership with Kenyatta University. Dr. James Koske, Executive Dean, of the School of Agriculture and Environmental Science at Kenyatta University, shared a commitment of the University to continually support the process and called youth to sharpen their skills in climate change and the environment. He emphasized that none can deny that the effects of climate change are real and called for joint efforts for climate action.

“I myself speaking, I am a witness to climate Change issues. We have had policies on Climate Change. When we went to school many years ago there was rain, and rivers were flooding and it was hard to cross. Today they are no more. Therefore, we don’t need to persuade you that Climate Change is occurring, you are naturally persuaded and you need to know that this is not an individual task; everybody is involved and that is why you are here”, said James Koske.

The Director of Programmes at the All Africa Conference of Churches, Dr. Ezekiel Lesmore said that addressing the adverse impacts of climate change requires solidarity and no one should work in isolation.

“We will remain accountable here or there. The question is what you shall respond about your contribution to climate action because Climate Change is a matter of life and death,” stressed Dr. Lesmore.

In her remarks, the Ambassador of Sweden to Kenya, HE Caroline Vicini, acknowledged the role of PACJA in equipping youth with skills on climate justice and climate change and said that information is power. She said that the skill gained by youth indicated that the future is in their hands.

“The school is important to base activism on science. I know it’s not easy but nothing works in isolation. It’s important to be informed and I am hopeful that this generation will be better than their leaders today”,  HE Ambassador Caroline concluded.

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