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Thanksgiving prayers and launch of the consortium of the 7th 1998 victims Association

By irene mwende

Today the 7th 1998 victims Association has launched a consortium to plead with the government through the assistance of senate to help them get justice by getting their compensation from the US embassy

Speaking during the launch of the consortium Hon Senator Machakos County Agnes Kavindu said that they are launch of the consortium today will ensure the victims of the 1998 bomblast will get justice by compensating them and the senate will work hard to push the Us embassy through the government to fight for compensation for the victims

“We are here to listen to the victims and we are not going to leave anything and any stone unturned before we make sure that our victims receive their receive their their compensation. Just to mention we are also planning to see our president who I know he knows that we are having this motion and he knows what we are having this discussion and I know he will give us fully backup. We know even the opposition will give us full backup and we are going to do whatever is possible for us as a as a committee and as the Senate to make sure that we go and meet the Senate in the in the United States so that they can also include us in this fund, which should give us the leeway because Kenya was not included in it.” Said senator Agnes Kavindu

Hon senator Agnes Kavindu noted that Kenya was not included in it but they just need to change the law so that they can include Kenya in this font that should bring the settlement of the conversation since it has been now 25 years, many of our Kenyan victims and victims of the bumblers continue to seek cooperation and compensation.

She further said the issue, is reference to the compensation fund that was created in 2014.

” As part of the US omnibus budget legislation, the fund applies to judgement holding victims of the state sponsored terrorist attack directed against the United States. Our greatest plea to the United government to the US government is to expand it. The proposal to Congress to initiate amendments through the victim of terrorist act the main aim of the amendment is to make Kenya Kenyan victims of the 1998 attack eligible to participate in the US victim terrorist compensation fund. We seek the US government to provide a pathway for all the victims to become eligible for the compensation of the funds.” added Senator Agnes Kavindu

The victims of the bomblast has highlighted their challenges they are currently facing since some were left as orphans , windows and they shared their testimony how they are suffering as some lost their loved ones.

The victims thanked Caroline Muthoka international convener consortium of the 7th August victims Association because she has been of good help to the victims and is assisting the victims to get justice through compensation by the US embassy.

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