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By Meresia Aloo

At the National DESIP Family Planning Learning Conference 2023, the Chief Executive Officer of PS Kenya, Dr. Margaret Njenga, delivered a poignant address, placing a significant emphasis on the conference theme, “Succeeding together in creating impact through localizing global solutions.” Dr. Njenga underscored the pivotal role of family planning in the pursuit of universal healthcare coverage.

Addressing the economic challenges faced by Kenya, Dr. Njenga brought attention to the potential jeopardy of contraception access for thousands of girls. She stressed that no individual should be confronted with the distressing choice between contraception and fundamental necessities. Drawing on global data from the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Njenga called for collective action to overcome obstacles such as skills deficits, product quality concerns, issues of equity, and the influence of cultural and religious factors on family planning.

Advocating for a functional health system that places a premium on women’s well-being and shields them from financial hardships, Dr. Njenga praised the transformative impact of the DESIP Project across various levels—national, county, facility, and community. The conference served as a platform to showcase achievements and lessons, with a resolute commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Dr. Njenga laid out ambitious objectives for the next five years, underscoring the critical need for funding to address the persistent underfunding and neglect of women and girls’ needs. She called upon partners to move beyond rhetoric, translating words into tangible actions and fostering sustainable investments for universal access to quality contraceptives.

In her closing remarks, Dr. Njenga urged active engagement, collaboration, and a united effort to make safe modern contraceptives universally available. Quoting Margaret Sanger, she reminded attendees that genuine freedom for women encompasses the conscious choice of motherhood. The call to action resonated strongly with the audience, highlighting the pressing urgency to address challenges and secure this fundamental human right for all.

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