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Empowering Dreams: Mwenda Thuranira Unveils Chandarana Foodplus at Mytown Karen Mall

By Meresia Aloo

In the heart of Karen, Nairobi, a dream transformed into reality as Mwenda Thuranira, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Myspace Properties, unveiled the 27th Chandarana Foodplus branch at Mytown Karen Mall. Thuranira, drawing inspiration from New York Times bestselling author Kobi Yamada, reflected on the journey with gratitude and excitement.

“Follow your dreams because they know the way,” said Yamada, a sentiment echoing through Thuranira’s journey. Reflecting on the unwavering support of Mr. Anil Samani, Chairman of Myspace Properties, Thuranira likened the belief in his vision to a parent cheering on their child learning to ride a bike—an acknowledgment of trust and encouragement.

Embarking on this venture seven years ago, Thuranira described the climb as scaling mountains, one step at a time. Today marks the grand opening of Chandarana Foodplus at Mytown Karen, a culmination of dedication, perseverance, and the collective efforts of a mobilized team.

The Mytown Karen concept, embraced by intentional partners and brands like Total Energies, Wana Meat, Optica, Kary’s Hair Studio, Nail Bar, Lorenzo Drycleaners, Mega Wines Ltd, Mika Appliances, Life Med Pharmacy, Tibu Health Hospital, symbolizes the spirit of togetherness. Thuranira emphasized the profound impact of collaboration, stating, “If we had walked alone, we would be fast, but together, we have come far.”

In a dynamic economic landscape where online shopping gains prominence, Mytown Karen addresses the need for small commercial spaces. Businesses, adapting to challenging conditions, invest in compact physical spaces while prioritizing a robust online and social media presence for sales, stability, and growth.

As the online shopping culture evolves, the need for retail outlets persists, providing groceries, ice cream, clothes, and more. Thuranira envisions this project as a catalyst for wealth and job creation, contributing to a higher quality of life and enhancing the fabric of the community.

With a commitment to serving business owners nationwide, Thuranira looks ahead to collaborations in upcoming projects, spanning locations such as Kisumu, Mombasa, Athi River, Kisii, Upperhill, Waiyaki Way, and beyond.

Situated strategically opposite Karen Hospital and next to Watermark Business Park, Mytown Karen offers ample parking and a prime shopping experience for Langata road commuters, town traders, residents, and all those seeking a vibrant shopping environment.

Thuranira concluded by expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this dream a reality, emphasizing, “To everyone that has made this dream a beautiful reality, I say, ‘Thank You.'” The opening of Chandarana Foodplus at Mytown Karen not only marks a new retail milestone but symbolizes the power of dreams and collaborative endeavors in shaping a community’s future.

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