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By Meresia Aloo

Leaders drawn from the Ilchamus Community in Baringo county have officially joined the United Democratic Alliance (UDA)party , signaling a shift from their previous allegiance to the Azimio coalition. The community members, who were vocal supporters of Azimio during the elections, announced their decision to align with UDA at the party headquarters.

The announcement took place at the UDA party headquarters, where the Ilchamus community representatives were warmly welcomed by the Secretary General, Cleophas Malala, on behalf of the UDA leader. This move comes as a significant development, considering the community’s previous stance of not supporting the government during the elections.

The decision to switch alliances suggests a reevaluation of political affiliations within the ilchamus community and their willingness to collaborate with the government they once opposed. The Secretary General expressed optimism about the newfound partnership, emphasizing the importance of unity in achieving common goals for the benefit of the community and the nation at large.

Political analysts are closely monitoring the situation, anticipating potential ripple effects on the dynamics of political alliances in the region. As the ilchamus community joins forces with UDA, questions arise about the implications for both the coalition they abandoned and the ruling government they are now willing to work with. Only time will reveal the impact of this unexpected shift on the political landscape.

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