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Ben Chumo lauds the Governor’s Bii education credentials

By Meresia Aloo

In a recent statement, Ben Chumo lauded the Governor’s Bii education regalia, stressing the imperative to reflect on the significance of this day. He emphasized that education is a lifelong journey, an ever-evolving channel crucial in a country like Kenya, rich in potential and talent. Chumo highlighted that education is not a privilege but a fundamental right for every citizen.

Underlining the idea that the pursuit of knowledge should extend beyond a specific phase of life, Chumo pointed out a common misconception of considering education complete after obtaining a degree. He urged citizens to recognize the pivotal role political leaders play in the country, emphasizing their duty to invest in education.

Chumo stated firmly, “Investing in the education of Kenyan youth is an investment in Kenya itself.” He called for a commitment to ensure that no Kenyan is left behind, encouraging those who haven’t finished school to do so, emphasizing that education opens doors of opportunity. Chumo concluded by stressing that age should not be a barrier to completing one’s education.

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