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Stop murmuring: Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna tell Kenyans ahead of new year

Bishop. Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna, of Deliverance Church Langata.PHOTO: File.

By Benard Mulwa

As Christians across the country thronged places of worship last night in readiness to usher the new year ahead, message of hope and strength took the center stage.

At Deliverance Church Langata, Bishop Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna preached about the power of tongue during the ceremony, saying words are powerful and we must remember that the tongue has the power of life and death. In his sermon, Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna was saying this in reference to Kenyans who show dissatisfaction to the leadership of President William Ruto.

“I am concerned about when people become murmurous, when people are given to complain is like after people balked at entering the promised Land, that entire generation faded in a 40 year journey to nowhere when they failed to trust God, shying away from entering the promised Land, God took care of them in the wilderness. They were still His people but they lost everything associated with the promises of God and those losses were real, Bishop Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna said, let’s hope for a better year ahead in 2024”.

Commenting about the high cost of living, Bishop Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna said the economy of this country is projected to grow, and people should expect the prices of basic commodities will come down even though Kenyans have gone through a difficult time in 2023.

Bishop Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna further expresses concerns that most leaders think about politics as the opposition leader Hon. Raila Odinga has once again hit out at the government over the skyrocketing  cost of living and warned of fresh round of demonstrations in the coming year 2024.

The Bishop implored Hon. Raila Odinga to desist from a section of politicians who want to make chaos by calling for demos, “we have a President who is convincing, let Hon. Raila Odinga come out in public if he has any better solutions,” adding that there is a need to the leaders to change attitude.

Addressing the media in his office last night, the Bishop said Parliament, judiciary and the executive must continue working together and ensure Kenya must to have an electoral body in place by June in 2024 to make preparations for the 2027 elections.

“Let us all work hard and stop murmuring, complaining  because it brings negative effects and will cut off your vision for the future, even Jesus did not complain,”  the Bishop said adding that it is for us to understand gratitude and thank God for the gift of life and think about good things in our life.

The Bishop also talked about the health Bill, housing levy and the hustler fund, which he said is a good gesture, with a record of 100 million transactions every day.     

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