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Kalonzo Musyoka roars on his way journey to 2027

Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka addressing Congregants at a Service Sunday in Kajiado

By Maximilla Wafula

Wiper Party Leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, made a significant public appearance on a busy Sunday in Kajiado, by attending two services in Kajiado at the Full Gospel Church and Kenya Assemblies of God respectively , demonstrting a commitment to both political and religious engagement. This move aimed to connect with the local community on a personal level and establish a rapport beyond the political spectrum.

Wiper leader was accompanied by a host of other leaders including DAP.K Party Leader Eugene Wamalwa , His Excellency Governor for Machakos Wavinya Ndeti , Deputy Governor for Kajiado Martin Moshisho , Senators , Member of Parliament , Member of County and Wiper Knec members .

Following the religious service, Kalonza Musyoka proceeded to Kitengela for a rally, where he addressed a diverse crowd on various pertinent issues. The primary concerns highlighted during the rally included the soaring costs of living, a challenge that resonates with many citizens across the country. Kalonza Musyoka used this platform to empathize with the struggles of ordinary Kenyans, emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to alleviate the economic burden faced by the people.

Another critical matter addressed at the rally was the issue of heavy housing funds. Kalonza Musyoka voiced the party’s stance on the need for more accessible and affordable housing solutions. He discussed policy proposals and initiatives that Wiper Party plans to implement to ease the housing crisis, underscoring the importance of secure and affordable shelter for every citizen.

The highlight of the day was the official opening of the Wiper Party office in Kitengela. This move demonstrated the party’s commitment to expanding its presence and engaging with the local community at a grassroots level. The opening ceremony was attended by party members, local leaders, and supporters, marking a significant step in consolidating political influence in the region.

During his speech at the office opening, Kalonza Musyoka reiterated the party’s dedication to addressing the concerns of the people. He emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between the government and citizens to create sustainable solutions for the challenges faced by Kenyan communities.

One of the key issues that Kalonza Musyoka passionately spoke about was the high-handed approach of the Minister of Education regarding school fees payment through the e-Citizen platform. He condemned the alleged forceful imposition of this payment method on parents, arguing that it added an unnecessary burden to already strained household budgets. Kalonza Musyoka called for a reconsideration of this policy, advocating for a more consultative and inclusive approach in decision-making processes related to education.

In addressing the concerns about school fees payment on the e-Citizen platform, Kalonza Musyoka pointed out the potential negative impact on parents, especially those facing economic hardships. He urged the government to prioritize affordability and accessibility in education, emphasizing the need for policies that empower families rather than burden them further.

In conclusion, Kalonza Musyoka’s busy day in Kajiado and Kitengela showcased the Wiper Party’s commitment to engaging with the community on a broad spectrum of issues. From religious gatherings to political rallies and the opening of a party office, this strategic approach demonstrated an understanding of the multifaceted nature of public concerns. By addressing topics like the high costs of living, heavy housing funds, and education policies, Kalonza Musyoka positioned the Wiper Party as an advocate for the people, ready to address the challenges faced by Kenyan citizens in their daily lives.
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