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Women Enterpreneurs urges Kenya to plant trees to combat climate change

By Maximilla Wafula

Women Entrepreneurs,  Bernadette  Owino has urged Kenyans  to plant trees  in order to combat climate change.

“People should  be taught to plant more trees. It attracts more rain while trees ensure that the soil will not be eroded,” Owino said during the ECOBank  Ellevate launch.

She said that even as farmers  cultivate food crops they should plant cover crops in order to protect their soil fertility.

Bernadette  Owino, who was in formal employment, decided to take a leap of faith and engage in  farming as an enterprise.

She currently has   tree seedlings  for sale at her farm  in Kitengela.

Owino has 1,500 grevalia and 1000 melia seedlings ready for purchase.

She noted that trees have value as they can be sold for timber in  10-15 years  for between  3,000 shs and 7,000 shs each.

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