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by Maximilla Wafula

Centre Manager NTTI Eng. Festus
Representing Director General National Industrial Training Authority, Eng. Stephen Ogenga during the inauguration ceremony of the Dakaini Centre of excellence at Don Bosco Karen Campus, honoured and appreciated the Principal of Don Bosco for the invite to grace the inauguration as they come together to mark this very important step that will mark a defining moment in the lives of your refrigeration and air’ conditioning trainees .
He also extended his sincere gratitude to the board and management
of Daikin Company and indeed the people of Japan for the commendable job that they are undertaking in assisting Kenya move forward in bridging the skills development gap.

On behalf of the NITA fraternity iam encouraged and inspired by your motivation to help us redefine the current skills development landscape in our country with newer training technology
Intergrating youths into the the labour market is a major challenge for developing nations , particular in Africa.
With 75 million of young people in the developing world who are unemployed and hundreds of millions who are underemployed, youth employment is one of the most pressing development challenges . Daikin centre of excellence could not have come at a better time .

Strategic planning and provision of quality education are the best forms of intervention for skills development in Africa . The fact that individuals have talent is not sufficient, hence the importance of developing talent through education and training. This , learning requires well- designed quality and education training programs that can lead to people being open to new ideas and a disposition to question what people already know.

This is even more critical especially in the fast changing technology controlled workplace . Daikin centre of excellence is going to be a game changer in that direction.
We encourage such partnership and collaboration that are intended to enhance skills development of people and systems in the country .
In the past NITA and Don Bosco have collaborated in various aspects geared at furthering industrial training in Kenya looking forward to continue this Partnership.

The development of training Programs are aimed at addressing the insufficient supply of relevant skills development ( Technical , cognitive and Non- cognitive ), which is one of the main barriers preventing , young people from finding in udeveloping countries .
Skills constraints mean that CONSTRAINTS individuals lack the appropriate Technical MEAN THAT , Cognitive , and / or Non Cognitive skills to respond to employers demands . With the latest technology in the market now being availed for training at Daikin centre of excellence, the future can only be brighter for trainees here.

If Kenya is going to have a competitive advantage on a Global Scale we must be ready to adopt policies and strategies, such as the ones you as the Management of Don Bosco has put in place to address the challenge of youth unemployment, with the inauguration of the Daikin centre of excellence . As a Country we will need to fully rely on our ability to maximize on our human capital in the provision of quality research and innovation , which will in turn make Kenya a bench mark for economic development.

As Nita , we are keen on collaboration as we seek to ensure that the skills development in the country meets the needs of industry is expected to deliver an adequate and skilled labour force capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly , as envisioned in the Kenya video in n 2030 .

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