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Kenya Coalition of Churches Alliance a call on the Government and the Opposition to settle issues through dialogues


Kenya Coalition of Churches Alliance and Ministries have today called on the Government and the Opposition to settle their issues through dialogue to avoid any situation leading to violence.

The Spiritual Leaders noted that the recent political trajectories of events like burning of places of worship Church and Mosque in Kibra Yesterday after the demonstartions was a poor action by the culprits. Northland Property belonging to the Former president Uhuru were also damaged together with the damage caused East Afrca Spectre Limited atvIndustrial area.

“We as spiritual leaders are concerned about the trajectory of events like burning of worship places destruction of property.
It appears that the goons have started to take advantage of the demonstrations by the opposition.
We urge our political leaders to adress the challenges in a dialogue manner. We also call on them political leaders to create an enabling envoronment for the sake of the kenyans.
We utge security enforcements to show restraint towards use of excessive forces. We are also request the youth a d kenyans at large to remain peaceful for a better Nation.” Said Bishop stanley Michuki.

Northlands farm and East Africa spector properties were hugely damaged as a result.
A certain group of goons is taking advantage of the demonstrations to destroy properties.

The Church Leaders are now urging the Youth and Kenyans at large not be used wrongly by any political leaders. The Nation needs to unite and God to grant our leaders with wisdom to solve issues quickly.

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