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Lobby Raises Red Flag Over Donkeys Threat of Extermination….

Details are emerging that the beast of burden – the donkey is still very much under threat in the country. The numbers of this critical resource have plummeted to just slightly over a million countrywide.

According to Brooke East Africa, the beast greatest threat is the unscrupulous people who eye it’s meat albeit in the cover of darkness.

Since 2020, it’s illegal to slaughter and deal with donkey meat trade in the country.

Brooke East Africa country director Raphael Kinoti noted that communities are very critical in matters donkey conservation.

“We reiterate that the communities should own up the initiative and we as Brooke East Africa intervene to assist them in restocking. But the key thing is that the communities should work with the authorities to report cases of donkey theft and also weed out the crooks.”

Mr Kinoti also cautioned against abuse of the beast of burden after media reports emerged that some communities are intoxicating the animals with drugs to enhance performance.

“this is cruelty of the highest order to hear that some people feed the donkeys marijuana to stimulate productivity. This has no any scientific basis and it works to the detriment and danger of the humble beast of burden,” Mr Kinoti concluded..

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