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Law society of Kenya seeks for justice Nandi victims during the mining blast incidence

Irene mwende

The Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) are deeply concerned

by the recent events surrounding the investigations into the deadly blast that occurred in the Karebe

on January 23, 2023. As a result of the blast, three (3) people Geofrey Onyango, Julius Kipchumba

and Geofrey Rotich lost their lives, and six (6) others were seriously injured.

After the occurrence of the blast ten (10) suspects were arrested and arraigned before the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Kapsabet vide miscellaneous custody application nomE013/20230 on February 7,2023 and the court granted the investigating officer 14 days to hold the suspects in custody pending further investigation into deadly blast

In addition, due to the nature and magnitude of the

investigation, it was taken up by Investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI)

Headquarters who completed their investigations and made a recommendation of a charge of

murder against the suspects. A duplicate file was also forwarded to the Office of the Directorate of

Public Prosecution (ODPP) Nairobi for perusal, directions, and further action in court.

The prosecution’s intent to withdraw the case, citing areas that have not been covered, has left the families of the deceased and public at large with some several questions.

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