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56 percent of Kenyans are living in pain, TIFA report

By Jeff Kizzilah

Over 56% of kenyans say the government of kenya Keanza is heading in the wrong direction with only 14% are positivewith the government.

The report, which was released today, shows the performance of the Ruto government, and the main issues affecting Kenyans.

According to the report,shows that 56% of Kenya dont recognise that Ruto government is doing something about the economy only 25% are positive about the government while 14% did not indicate there stand about the current government economic plans ,the report according to TiFa indicates that bad has increased since the last report which was done in March this year.

The research was done between 24 to 30 June last month with a total of 1534 respondents.

The report has also indicated that Kenya Kwanza government has forgotten everything they promised during the election promises they made since the took over from the previous government.

However on the otherside without a doubt, many kenyans are pleased with the work done by Interior Cabinet Secretary Hon Kithure Kindiki at 34% followed by Education CS Exekiel Machogu 7% and Health CS Susan Nakumicha comes closer with 6%.

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